Raffaella Barker: the year I was 17

Writer Raffaella Barker recalls tumbling head over heels in love with an art student at 17. I dreamed about being 17 years old through the preceding 16 years of gawkiness and it spelled freedom to me. As well as being a gla [...]

Raffaella Barker, Stiffkey Beach, Norfolk coast

Raffaella Barker has got mud in her hair. Big fat globs, perched like the beginnings of a bird's nest. She's stripped down to her bra and knickers and is standing in the middle of a muddy creek, looking like a tribal war [...]

Hens Dancing

When Venetia Summers’s husband runs off with his masseuse, the bohemian idyll she has strived to create for her young family suddenly loses some of its rosy hue. From her tumble-down cottage in Norfolk she struggles to [...]

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