“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.”

Stephen King. On Writing: a memoir of the craft

I have developed my consultancy programme over 20 years working with writers at all levels, both One to One and in groups. Former clients have become journalists, written novels and children’s books, won literary prizes and started their own blogs. Creative Writing helps you to express yourself in myriad ways. A course with me is tailored to find your writing voice and show you how best to use it.

How it works: 

Through a series of meeting using written exercises, background reading and discussion, we discover your voice, or if you are already underway with an idea, we will help guide you towards the end. Process can be a lot of fun; writing is often cited as lonely, yet this structure is both collaborative and freeing. You will learn techniques that help you write in a way you may not have considered before, and build confidence in your own words. 

Every writer is different, and the approach I use with each of my consultancy programmes depends on the wishes and ambitions of the writer I am working with. 

Meetings, either IRL or on Zoom, will kick start your writing process  and generate material to work on, alongside a bespoke reading programme. My courses run in blocks of 4 sessions, and can be taken at each writers own pace. 

I also work with private groups. 

If interested, email me to arrange a chat. Not project too small, no idea too big. There is room for all. 

The best way to proceed is to email and arrange a chat on the phone where we can draw up a programme to suit your own needs.

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