Book Phosphoresence


'In August the Norfolk sea warms, and the algae become phosphorescent. If you swim in it at night you become luminous. Your skin drips light like sequins and you seem to be made of glittering scales.'

Lola Jordan’s life is a disaster. Struggling to fit in at her new London school, things only get worse when her project on phosphorescence is read out in assembly. She is mortified. 

Desperate to prevent her peers discovering that her entire life has been spent in a damp, uncool seaside hamlet, things take a turn for the worse when that project sparks a school trip to her childhood Norfolk hometown. There, she finds herself stuck on the wrong kind of deserted island, with some teenagers she has nothing in common with, and a boy she can’t get out of her mind. 

Against, the backdrop of the mysteriously sparkling sea, the two halves of Lola’s life collide in an explosion of romance and adventure.

“Poetic and lyrically written, Phosphorescence sings the praises of Norfolk beautifully”
Eastern Daily Press
“Raffaella's first venture into young adult fiction ... is finely balanced, tuning in to teenagers' emotional wavelength”
Sunday Telegraph