Discussing Book Covers

‘“Moonfleet” leapt out at him, familiar...the paperback cover displayed a watercolour of a tall ship, sails set beneath a sky where the moon beamed as bright as a golden guinea...’ - ‘From a Dista [...]

Competitions September 2014

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been running a series of Facebook competitions for all you lovely readers! Our latest winner was Carolyn Burton-Baddeley, who chose Flash as Best Dressed (or Undressed) Pug, wi [...]

Fly Festival - 26th June 2014

Thursday 26th June 2014, 2.30pm - 3.30pm Instant people: Where do characters come from and how do we create them? In this workshop, best-selling author, Raffaella Barker, will let you into some of the secrets of novel-writi [...]

York Festival of Ideas - 16th June 2014

Monday 16th June, 6pm - 7.45pm Authours Raffaella Barker and Dan Vyleta discuss their novels, both exploring the effect of war on the lives of individuals. InThe Crooked Maid, Dan Vyleta unfolds a story of the aftermath of [...]

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