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Never before have so many people been reading and writing as they are now. With Facebook and Twitter everyone is an author, and an audience is far more readily available than it was in the time of paper and pen. The key change [...]

The Dead Seagull, The Literary Family and Our Fascination with the Autobiographical

“By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept” by Elizabeth Smart has received its deserved recognition this October, beating Evelyn Waugh’s “Brideshead Revisited” and Nancy Mitford’s “T [...]

The Filtering Hourglass - Celebrating The Cheltenham Booker Prize

“But who would have won the Man Booker Prize 100 years ago?” This was the question the late publisher and writer Ion Trewin asked himself in 1994 whilst deciding between James Kelman and Jill Paton Wash for that y [...]

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